Jonathan I. Wener, C.M.
Chairman & CEO
Président du conseil et chef de la direction

900-2000 Peel, Montréal, QC H3A 2W5 Canada
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April 21, 2015

Mr. Allan Willtzer
Mr. Perry Saxe
Mr. David Applebaum
Westgrove Enterprises
341 Isabey Street,
St-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1Y2

Dear Allan & Perry,

I cannot tell you how sincerely satisfied we are and how happy we have been that we chose Westgrove to do our so very special condo at 1250 Greene. The entire Westgrove team has provided professional, attentive service from beginning to end whether it was value engineering, redesign to accommodate complex site or budget issues, working with our designers and sub trades or on site coordination To the inexperienced, Westgrove may not always present itself as being the cheapest but price most often comes at the sacrifice of quality or something else as I know all too well.

Westgrove truly is an organization who commits itself to value propositions for clients who are discerning and who enjoy quality finishing and trades. I am sure you know I have considerable construction experience and it was easy for me to choose Westgrove because I did not want to sacrifice quality nor did I want to have to chase sub trades to do their work. Your selection of trades was stellar and the professionalism I came to expect from Westgrove was indeed followed through with your subs. I would not hesitate to recommend Westgrove to anyone who wants perfection and a deep caring attitude in building and finishing their home. This means not only during the course of the job but also after sales service. My feeling from beginning to end was you treated my home like it was your own and never sacrificed quality. There were no doubt extras along the way but these were owner driven and no gouging, which is so often the case with many general contractors who cannot see beyond the end of the job they are doing.

I would be remiss and could not complete this letter without providing accolades to David Laroche our project manager who was detailed, thorough, even tempered and possesses the kind of personality we wish we had on all of our jobs. He rolled with the punches, and while am sure he carries lots of stress, he never exhibited it. I have infinite respect for him! This does not happen by coincidence. The attitude and consistent approach of staff with clients and trades is about a culture that is working and has deep roots that have been honed and cultivated.

Westgrove are pros who care deeply about their reputation and the clients they serve. Bravo and thank you for a wonderful experience.

Warmest regards,

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